Win an opportunity to travel / film with the #inspiredby contest

Win an opportunity to travel / film with the #inspiredby contest

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LUFTHANSA is looking for travelers who want to fly to Istanbul with a professional film crew to film their own #inpsiredby video. The brand will cover flights, accommodation, plus 500 EUR pocket money. Applications are due March 24th. Apply at Facebook.

  • Your video should be 45-60 seconds in length and filmed in landscape format.
  • The video should be in one of the following formats: mov, avi, mp4, mpeg.
  • Videos can be submitted in English or German.
  • Tell what interests you most about Istanbul. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before or not, it’s just important to explain why you want to go there.
  • It should be easy to recognize you and your voice in the video.
  • When using images or video sequences in your film, or filming people other than yourself, please ensure you have all appropriate rights to do so.
  • Your application can be in normal speech, a song, poetry — just show how creative you can be!

This contest is sponsored by our partners at Lufthansa.

Feature image credit: j0sh via Compfight cc

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